FOCOMAR Project The Port Authority hosts a seminar on contracting, documentation and international freight transport agents

    The Confederation of Employers organizes training attended by 40 professionals in the sector

    The Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz has hosted in its facilities the seminar International Transport of Goods: contracting, documentation and agents, organized by the Confederation of Businessmen of Cadiz within the project FOCOMAR, an initiative of the Interreg Spain-Portugal Cooperation Program that seeks to promote maritime trade of SMEs strengthening cooperation between ports and companies.

    Forty professionals from the port, logistics and transport maritime sector took part in the training activity given by Ramón Sánchez Prieto, member of the International Logistics Department of the OSBORNE Group.

    Throughout the seminar, the role of international freight transport in today’s globalised world, the possibilities of intermodal transport and the role of freight forwarders and consignees were discussed, as well as the Incoterms trade rules.

    The participants were also able to advance in their knowledge on the processes of export and import, in line with the objective of training to bring companies, especially SMEs, oriented to international trade, the functioning of international modes of transport of goods, with special mention of procedures and documentation in export and import operations.

    The training given at the headquarters of the Bay of Cadiz Port Authority is part of a training block that can be consulted at