The president of the Bay of Cadiz Port Authority meets with the president of Puertos del Estado.

    Teófila Martínez asks Salvador de la Encina to speed up the procedures for the complete development of the port projects of Cádiz

    The president of the Bay of Cadiz Port Authority, Teófila Martínez, has met with the president of Puertos del Estado, Salvador de la Encina, to whom she has asked for support to speed up the procedures that depend on the state public body and that are fundamental for the future development of the Bay of Cadiz Port. He has also asked for its intermediation with other public entities such as ADIF to accelerate pending projects.

    Salvador de la Encina, for his part, has committed to the president to manage in a more agile way all the port projects that are currently being developed in the Bay of Cadiz.

    The meeting, in which Agustín Romero, director of the Port Authority, Ana Mª García, Leandro Melgar and Itziar Rodríguez, director of the Cabinet, director of Exploitation and person in charge of Port Infrastructure Planning of the State, respectively, also participated, reviewed the modification of the DEUP (Delimitation of Port Spaces and Uses), which has already been completed and will be sent to the Ministry of Development for signature in the coming days. This modification is motivated by the need to change the current uses and assign spaces for port – city interaction in line with the current situation and port exploitation forecasts. The possibility of building a hotel on the Cádiz dock has also been discussed.

    Another important issue addressed by both presidents has been the railway access to the La Cabezuela-Puerto Real dock, a situation that they hope will be resolved soon. The Agreement in force pursues the strategic objective of the development of La Cabezuela with a future railway link that will improve and boost the logistics of companies, as well as the development of the port and its area of influence through a qualitative leap towards maximum intermodality. With regard to Access to the New Container Terminal, the execution of the drying piles, key elements to continue the execution of the access road to the new container terminal, is currently about to begin.

    Finally, Salvador de la Encina has committed to visit the Bay of Cadiz Port Authority next July to, among other things, have a direct meeting with the port community.