The two sides of the bridge, prepared to accommodate one emission control station each

    The president of the Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz, Teófila Martínez, and the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Daniel Sánchez, visited, accompanied by the technicians responsible for the project, the two locations, on both sides of the 1812 Constitution Bridge, where two emission control stations will be located.

    Both bodies have been working for months with the aim of establishing a methodology for monitoring the possible emission of particles due to the manipulations carried out in the La Cabezuela-Puerto Re0 quay, as well as the rest of the industrial activities in the area.

    To this end, in the coming months, a new control system will be implemented, endorsed by the University of Huelva, which will consist of measuring PM10 levels and a study of the contribution of sources to determine the origin of possible impacts, when they occur.

    This project entails the installation of two measurement stations where the capturing equipment will be housed together with the technology and tools required to develop the measurements.

    The technicians in charge of the project have estimated the need to control not only the emissions in the area closest to the port activity in Puerto Real, but also, on the other side of the Bay, in the Barriada de la Paz.

    Specifically, a meter will be installed in the facilities of the Viento de Levante Fishing Club and the second one, in the La Cabezuela-Puerto Real dock, next to the gas station located near the access to the bridge.

    The President of the Port Authority has highlighted the importance of working in coordination with the Environment to be able to control emissions in a more comprehensive way, something that, in this particular project, is endorsed by the University of Huelva.

    In the next few days, the Port Authority will award the part of the project that corresponds to it, that is, the execution of the cabins in which the meters will be housed, in order to have the best tools for controlling emissions as soon as possible.

    In this sense, the President explained that according to the results of these control towers, measures will be taken to minimise the impact of port activity on the environment.