The Association

The Bay of Cádiz Port is a current indispensable port of call backed up in history since its beginnings back in the time of Phoenician splendour. Has had a lot of interest shown in the last few years in demonstrating all and each one of the advantages and qualities of this natural, strategic, geographical and economical setting.

That special common interest shown by the whole of the maritime business sector – agents, stevedores, transitory companies, ship owners, carriers, customs agents, the fishing sector, travel agencies, etc., and by official organizations like the Harbour Authorities, the Free Port Zone Consortium or the Chamber of Commerce, materialized a few years ago as Cadiz-Port, an association of companies and entities directly or indirectly connected with maritime activity whose purpose lies in the achievement of the highest promotion of the Bay of Cádiz Port, the largest divulging possible of its geographical and technical peculiarities, and its influence as one of the most important inter-continental maritime meeting points.

In order to achieve this, neither Cadiz-Port as a whole nor any of the businesses or companies that make it up have spared any effort. As a result, the whole of the docks that make up the Bay of Cádiz Port, structured in four areas – Cádiz City, the Free Port Zone, La Cabezuela and El Puerto de Santa María – , is fully adapted to the demands of modern maritime traffic and has the best harbour planning possible to deal with any sea connected activity, be it commercial, tourist or sports orientated with an absolute guarantee of success.

Thanks to the operative diversity and multi-functional character of its docks, all types of harbour traffic fit into this Southern European Gateway, the tangent of Europe – Africa and America – Mediterranean overseas load flows, with an ample diversification in the handling of loads and the application of modern technology, with a strategic situation easily accessible to all communication systems and with the advantages of the services it has that go from the Frontier Inspection Post (PIF) to the fiscal area at the Free Port Zone, along with the repair docks at the ship yard, the Dragados Off Shore plant or the multiple services it renders such as the water or fuel supply to the ships.

With renewed hopes for the future, and the plans projected for the Bay of Cádiz are also new – such as the second access bridge between Cádiz and Puerto Real and the construction of the new container terminal- which will be to the advantage of harbour services and encourage new planning and the carrying out of new objectives, which has resulted in the elaboration of an ambitious Strategic Plan for the Bay of Cádiz Port that will mean the development of new services and a notable improvement in those already existing, squeezing the utmost out of the characteristics and possibilities of all and each one of its docks.