The Port of Cadiz presents its potential in the transport of special cargoes to international operators

    It takes advantage of its participation, with the help of Puertos del Estado, in the BreakBulk fair that is held in Bremen, to promote its capacity in this sector.

    The Port of the Bay of Cadiz takes advantage of its presence in the BreakBulk fair, which is held between 21 and 23 May in the German city of Bremen, to present its potential in the transport of special loads.

    The Spanish ports are receiving more and more orders for the transport of what has been called “project cargoes”, that is, goods of dimensions outside the usual sizes and weights that are part of large structures that must be handled in large spaces, with special cranes and highly qualified personnel. In addition, the ports themselves are responsible for organising and coordinating all the transports involved in the logistics chain.

    The Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz (APBC) is holding meetings with operators, freight forwarders and agents of the sector that participate in this fair to expose them to the conditions and technical characteristics that the Bay of Cadiz and its port facilities offer for this type of transport.

    Under the umbrella of Puertos del Estado, with whom other Ports of General Interest of the State also attend, they share the slogan “Too big? too heavy? too complicated? Not for Spanish Ports: Spanish Ports, where too complicated simply doesn’t exist”, which explicitly represents the capacity of Spanish ports to move and handle the goods that pass through them, especially the most complex such as wind turbines, metal structures, offshore platforms…

    The Port of Cadiz hopes with its presence at this fair to consolidate existing traffic of this type, and try to attract new ones.

    BrealBulk Europe, the most important trade fair in bulk cargo, project cargo logistics and ro-ro in Europe, allows forwarders, terminal operators, specialised maritime transporters, ports, logistics suppliers, etc., to show the more than 7,000 attendees the possibilities of handling and transporting any type of merchandise.