The Port of Cadiz tomorrow beats a new record with the simultaneous berthing of 4 cruise ships of 300 meters in length

    More than 17,000 people are expected among passengers and crew. The Port of Cadiz will set a new record tomorrow with the simultaneous berthing of three cruise ships of 300 metres in length and one of 330 metres. Between the four ships there are 1,211 metres and a total capacity of 17,138 people, including passengers and crew. Given the size of the vessels and the safety reserves for manoeuvring, none of them will be able to dock at the Ciudad dock, which is 316 metres long. They will also share activity with the freighters Volcán de Teneguía and Ciudad de Palma, both of which operate on the Trasmediterránea Cádiz-Canary Islands line.

    Although up to now there have been up to five cruises on the same day, this is the first time that four ships from around 300 metres have arrived at the same time. In the medium term, when the container terminal moves from the Reina Sofia quay to the new terminal, it will be possible to increase the number of simultaneous berths to 6.  Likewise, on Wednesday there will be another four ships, one of more than 300 metres and two slightly lower, and the fourth of 105 metres in length. The total capacity of passengers and crew exceeds 14,000 people. It should be remembered that, according to the latest study by the Andalusian Government on cruise tourism in the region, the average expenditure per cruise ship and day in port of call is set at 40.6 euros, so the impact of these two days would be around 900,000 euros, without counting the cost of the crew.